Construction Ltd.

At DORNA Construction Ltd., We’re committed to utilizing our responsibility as an employer and builder to provide the highest standards for ethics, quality and safety. We strive to be the finest in service, design and quality construction. Our brand is a symbol of our passion in creating beautiful and functional spaces. Our team of inventive designers, talented craftsmen and trades people allows us to deliver the highest quality costume home, renovation and property rejuvenation to our clients.



Perfect Execution

A custom home is a one-of-a-kind house that is built for a specific client in a particular location. Our team will prepare all the details about this home and planned to perfection. In most cases, custom homes are constructed on a land that the home buyer already owns. Sometimes the land is vacant and sometimes an older home must be demolished to allow the construction of the new home. Dorna Construction Ltd. helps our clients from the beginning to the final stage of moving into their new home.


A Real Success

Our services are included for Townhome, Semi-detached, Detached and Condominiums. A major renovation/remodeling is the process of improving an old or outdated structure. This type of project consists of keeping all or majority of the bones of an older home and significantly modernizing it. Our team does not “cut corners” and will make sure any non-renovated portions of the structure is still safe and reliable. Additions, top ups, infill are some of the considered major renovations.

Loft& CondoRejuvenation

Exceptional Achievement

Older Toronto condominium offer something newer ones don’t-SIZE! our team specializes in modernizing older condominiums and transforming them to the 21st century with design and functionality. Condominiums have strict rules and policies that have to be met and our teams experience with the numerous condominiums in the GTA, will make sure your project is completed on time and on budget.

ExteriorLandscapeDesign & Build

Flowers and more

Horticulturally sound landscape design – Our services include design/build garden, retaining wall, interlock patio, walkway, fire pits and water features. The consulting services include horticultural advance in regard to perennial flowers, trees, shrubs and annual flower planting.